Custom Flower Essence Blends


Custom Flower Essence Blends


Create a personalized blend to support you! To order, choose three flowers from the menu below and let us know your selection in the form during checkout.

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Bird Of Paradise: Freeing creativity, being visible and dramatic.

Blackberry: Depression, grief, death, acceptance of change, transitions.

Black-Eyed Susan: Abuse, trauma, early childhood suffering, victim, restores conscious awareness.

Borage: Cheerful courage.

Calendula: Encourages warmth and compassionate communications.

Chamomile: Deep relaxation, treats insomnia, soothing, good for digestion.

Cherry Plum: Trust and faith, giving up control, let go and let god, dread of doing, grief.

Chinese Green Rose: Psychic skills enhanced, channeling, clairvoyance, trusting your intuition.

Clary Sage: Clear vision, wisdom, obstructions in eyes.

Comfrey: Assists in healing of wounds so deep and traumatic, calming on the nervous system.

Four Leaf Clover: Luck, life’s purpose revealed, path better lit, intuitive choices, thyroid.

Iris: Creativity, confidence in artistic abilities, beauty, performing arts. Eyes strengthened.

Jasmine: Self-esteem, loving oneself, receiving more love, attention and affection, heart chakra.

Lemon: Left brain stimulation, clarity, decisions, language, tests, math, computers. Anti-scarring.

Lotus: Master healer, removes blocks we put in our way, balances chakras, learning spiritual lessons.

Money Plant: Abundance on all levels, prosperity, earning money from what you love, receiving.

Morning Glory: Substance abuse, addictive behaviors.

Naked Lady: Loving our bodies through their changes. Respecting, accepting and improving body.

Oregon Grape: Abandonment issues, losing mate, death, break-ups, empty nest. Immune System.

Petunia: Mental focus, eases nervousness and tension, calms mind. Good for ADD. Anti-depressant.

Pine: Blame, guilt, criticism. Assists with acceptance and forgiveness.

Pomegranate: Feminine healer, overcoming emotional insecurities, female organs. Love potion.

Red Rose: Passion and intention in love and life, relationships, connection, greater love, family love.

Redwood: Increases life force, taking a firm stand, flexibility and longevity, strength.

Rock Rose: For terror, panic attacks, extreme fright. Fear of death. Courage in emergency situations.

Rosemary: Inner Peace, wisdom, creativity and writer’s block.

Rue: Major protection from negativity.

Self Heal: Treating shock and trauma, confidence that you can heal.

Snapdragon: Expressing oneself, communication, stuttering, shyness. 5th chakra. Thyroid, Larynx.

St. John's Wart: Eases fears both known and unknown, anti-depressant.

Sticky Monkey: Fear of intimacy/greater intimacy, tantra, deep love, sexually connected.

Stingy Nettle: Family issues, divorce, adoption, separation, arguing. Circulation, joint pain.

Wild Pink Rose: Dissolving barriers and opening to life’s direction, love, dissolve attitudes and judgments.

Zinnia: Laughter as medicine, humor, playfulness, upliftment of spirit.

Zucchini: Frustration, anger, irritableness, tension.