July Astrology Forecast

This is Cancer Season until July 22nd. During the month of Cancer, we want to create a cozy home, spend time with family and nurture our creative spirit. Cancer is ruled by the Moon in all its glorious phases. With Saturn in Capricorn opposing the Sun, we will be tested with limits, commitment, responsibility and fulfilling our purpose. Self-Reflection and Self-care go hand in hand. It is time to eliminate all that is outdated, so you can move forward with confidence. Clean out your closets, donate stuff, update files, complete unfinished business and eliminate outdated belief systems. Many people may leave jobs, relationships, homes and businesses, that are not in alignment with the new and improved vibrational self.

Sun goes into Leo on July 22, Mercury goes retro on July 25, Venus enters Virgo on July 9, Jupiter goes direct on July 11 and Mars continues its retro in Aquarius. Much reflection and assessing with the retrograde movements. What is the plan? Where is the inspiration leading? What action steps can you take to make a difference? This is an very important powerful two month passage from June 1 until the Lions Gate on August 8th. Much transformation is taking place. You may feel more introspective than usual.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn both want results. There is focus, tenacity and strong will power to take advantage of. We have done major excavations of our soul over the past year and there appears to be a lightness of being ready to emerge. 2018 will still carry the intensity of 2017,  but the addition of Saturn in Capricorn will add a groundedness we haven't experienced since 1988-1991. Look at your life and see what you accomplished in that time period.  Did you you have a new purpose or commitment? It is now time to commit to a project, business, relationship or a dream. Very productive and purposeful time. This is the year to be of service in a new way.  2018 numerologically is the 11 vibration which is a master number. Time to show up in a bigger way. Not a time to hide your talents or say someday i will do that. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn persevere  with sheer determination and tenacity. Procrastination is not part of the equation.  Pluto in Capricorn is the planet that cuts to the core and weeds out what is no longer needed. It is essential to pay attention to your inner divining rod!  Now is the time for reclaiming the magic in our lives and opening up to possibilities that seemed unlikely. The energies on the planet are intense and are teaching us to flow instead of forcing the river. Allowing and Accepting, will align us with Neptune (the divine). Time to break out of boxes that are so out of date and keeping you small. Time to bring your life into present time. The baggage needs to go. We are lightening our load and the vibrancy of the new reality cannot occur with denseness of the past. Listen to your soul and check in to see what your dreams are telling you. Many people are feeling a need to move, break out of relationships, change careers and live differently. Have you been feeling overwhelmed? Exhausted? Sensitive to energies? Join the club. Make sure you exercise and get out in nature. Grounding is especially crucial during this shake-up. Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is July 27 in Aquarius and New Moon/Solar Eclipse is June 12 in Cancer.

URANUS in Taurus!! Uranus is the planet of revolution, change, awakening,  sudden intuitive hits, and innovation. Uranus in Aries has spent the last seven years activating the world in warrior fashion. Chaos, upheaval, rebellion, protests have occurred to change the world. Now that Uranus is in Taurus, the way in which change takes place will be on a very different vibration. Taurus is one sign that does not like change. It wants comfort, security and money in the bank.  Uranus will rebel in the world of money, fashion, business, beauty and security. How we view our own security can change directions. Uranus wants to be free from being tied down. We will find unique ways to create businesses, new trends with fashion, less conservative tastes, more color in homes and unique housing villages getting launched. This seven year phase will get the ball moving with intentional housing communities for the baby boomer generation. Good time to create your own trend and not follow others. Let your unique artistic style stand out.     The energy we experience in a Uranian transit, can affect our bodies with lots of nervous energy, anxiety, insomnia and a feeling of being in a blender. Clearing out the inner clutter will open up new territories that have not been discovered before. It is important to ground yourself during these times with yoga, hikes and psychic protection techniques.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn, the taskmaster is in the sign Capricorn until December 2020. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and is very comfortable here. Saturn loves structure, discipline and commitment. Capricorn loves accomplishing, respect, goals and status. This is a very good time to bring your goals into reality and work hard to accomplish. While Saturn was traveling through Sagittarius the past two and half years, we were looking at possibilities and exploring. Now it’s time to do the dirty work. Capricorn is an earth sign and needs to move in small increments. Create a goal chart or any system that can track your success. Look in your chart to see what house Saturn is traveling through and this will show where you need to get it together.

Mercury in Leo                            July 1- September 5th

Mercury the messenger visits fiery, expressive Leo.  During this time period, we want to express our ideas with passion and zeal. Looking for creative solutions in unexpected places may occur. Good time for writing, performing, selling, advertising, promoting a business and gaining recognition for our ideas. Be willing to be flexible during this highly fixed/stubborn time.

Mercury in Leo Retrograde        July 25 - August 18th

Reflect, Rewrite, Rest. Redo, and be patient!! This is a time to be very careful with your words and how you speak. Make sure people really understand what you are trying to say. Don’t Assume! Emails, texts and phone messages can certainly get lost or misunderstood. Clarity is the goal. All electronic devices, autos and appliances can all of a sudden stop working. Good time to upgrade your gear(preferably before or after retrograde). It is better to sign contracts, get married or buy a house when the retro is over. Some people change their travel plans but if you expect delays and are aware-you should be fine. I have never changed a vacation due to a retrograde.

Venus in Leo                                June 13 - July 9th

Venus the goddess of love visits fiery, passionate Leo.  Venus in Leo loves to entertain, go out dancing, wear fabulous clothes and indulge in the physical delights. Bring a dramatic flair to your boudoir or wear some leopard clothes. Where in your life have you been afraid to stand out? This is the time to play, have fun, bring out your inner child and sing from your heart. Creativity flows out in numerous directions. Try an art class, pick up that dusty guitar or paint the wall red.

Venus in Virgo                              July 9 - August 6th

Venus the goddess of love visits earthy, refined Virgo.  Venus in Virgo loves to play in the garden, eat healthy food, give massages, and create detailed drawings. Good time to organize your closet, change your diet, find meaningful work and communicate in your relationships. Virgo is the analyzer, critic, perfectionist and the helper. Where in your life can you HELP? Can you perfect your craft? How can you make your relationships better? The master craftsman is Virgo- Build something useful and beautiful!

Mars in Aquarius                          May 15- November 15

Mars the planet of desire visits airy, eccentric Aquarius. Mars will have an unusually long visit through Aquarius due to the retrograde happening at the end of June, which i will cover next month. Mars in Aquarius wants to rebel, protest and strike out into new territory. This is a very independent combo. Mars is your energy, drive, anger and men. Aquarius is an intellectual, unique, progressive, humanitarian sign. When these two join forces, you have innovation and electrical energy. Do something new! Go out into the community and meet new people. This is good for activist, progressive movements.

Mars in Aquarius  Retrograde June 26-August 28th

When Mars is in retrograde, our energy can tend to be depleted, get tired easily and lack the drive to get things done. Usually people notice they feel like they are moving through molasses. The energy slows down and we need to be more careful in your actions. Good time for more sleep, patience, connecting with divine timing and taking care of your health. When the Mars energy gets contorted, anger and frustration take the reign. Find a healthy outlet for the release. Time to examine how you connect with others, what you do with your frustration and how to connect your head and your heart. Mars in Aquarius is very speedy and very mental. Turning it retro can feel like your head is in a blender. Too many things to do, commitments to handle and people to see. Slow down, meditate, ground and focus on one thing at a time.


The moonchild is happiest at home with the fire burning and a delicious home-cooked meal (and maybe a view of the ocean). The Cancerian Crab can put his shell up to keep unwanted people or energies away. The secret is safety and security. Once the Cancerian feels safe, you will be allowed into the inner sanctum. They may have sensitive stomachs and need to watch what they eat.

Famous Cancers: Anthony Bourdain, Robin Williams, Kristin Bell, Carly Simon, Carlos Santana, Beck, John Cusack, Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Tom Cruise, and Vera Wang.

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July Events


Creating Magic & Intention Workshop

This workshop was so powerful and uplifting in the past 6 months that I decided to continue the momentum. You did not need to come to prior workshops to sign up for this one.

Come join us as we explore our magic using the astrological weather, meditation and ritual. Expect to let go of some old stuff so you can get ready to receive the magic that is surrounding us now. Many changes are happening at lightning speed so we want to be ready and willing to say YES. Please bring your astrology chart or message me for one. Also bring a notebook for insights and information.