September Astrology Forecast 2019


This month starts off with 4 planets in Virgo and 3 planets in earth signs. Time to get your practical life in order. Virgo is a mutable earth sign which brings adaptability and originality. Virgo is concerned with the perfection of all things including themselves. Many Virgos are drawn to the health and fitness fields. Whether it’s Yoga, training, diet or massage, the need is to be in shape and healthy. You will notice most Virgos are thin. They have a very busy nervous system which can play out as BUSY! Relaxing is an art they need to learn. They are drawn to the details of things- never missing a trick. They are the ideal employee who will organize your office and run it efficiently. 

This is a good time to make lists and handle those little details you have been avoiding. Clean out the closets, donate or sell items not used and get your home ready for fall. Cleansing with Sage, Palo Santo or Lavendar. Deep cleaning of all rooms will set the stage for new growth. 

The negative side of many planets in Virgo is worry, overthinking and criticism. Go on a retreat, spend time in nature and meditate. Let go of whatever you are not in control of. Sounds easy- doesn’t it? NOT! This is not the time to focus on what’s wrong. It is the time to assess what is going on in your life and how can you improve it. 

Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo make a trine to Uranus in Taurus. Expect the Unexpected with your finances and your relationships. Think outside the box and see the subtle layer outside the periphery of your normal vision. Things do not have to be the same they have always been. Time for innovation and breakthrough with old habits. You deserve to receive all the abundance and joy- SO BE IT! 


New Moon in Libra is September 28th,  Full Moon in Pisces is September 13th.

New Moon Libra ritual 11:26am pdt. 5 degrees.  Plant a seed for new growth in the realm of bigger dreams for love, creativity, spiritual nourishment, health, service and divine work.  Let go of limiting situations that hold back your light. This is the time to get out of the closet and strut your stuff. Old friendships will leave your life. BUT new ones are coming in that are of a higher vibrancy and they GET you!! Rejoice in the possibilities up ahead. Libra is about relationships, partnerships, the arts, design, balance, beauty, fairness, and equality. Light a pink or green candle. Crystals to assist: Jade, opal, lapis or rose quartz.

Full Moon in Pisces 9:33pm pdt. 21 degrees. Good time to increase your intention on long term goals that involve your dreams, creative pursuits and emotional growth. Crystals to help: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Fluorite, Sugilite and Moonstone. Light a purple candle.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn both want results and that will intensify as the conjunction gets closer to 2020. There is focus, tenacity and strong will power to take advantage of. We have done major excavations of our soul over the past year and there appears to be a lightness of being ready to emerge. Very productive and purposeful time. This is the year to be of service in a new way. Time to show up in a bigger way. Not a time to hide your talents or say someday i will do that. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn persevere  with sheer determination and tenacity. Procrastination is not part of the equation.  Pluto in Capricorn is the planet that cuts to the core and weeds out what is no longer needed. It is essential to pay attention to your inner divining rod! Now is the time for reclaiming the magic in our lives and opening up to possibilities that seemed unlikely. The energies on the planet are intense and are teaching us to flow instead of forcing the river. Allowing and Accepting, will align us with Neptune (the divine). Time to break out of boxes that are so out of date and keeping you small. Time to bring your life into present time. The baggage needs to go. We are lightening our load and the vibrancy of the new reality cannot occur with dense ness of the past. Listen to your soul and check in to see what your dreams are telling you. Many people are feeling a need to move, break out of relationships, change careers and live differently. Have you been feeling overwhelmed? Exhausted? Sensitive to energies? Join the club. Make sure you exercise and get out in nature. Grounding is especially crucial during this shake-up. POTION: PEACE OR PROSPERITY

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus is the planet of revolution, change, awakening,  sudden intuitive hits, and innovation. The way in which change will take place will be on a very different vibration. Taurus is one sign that does not like change. It wants comfort, security and money in the bank.  Uranus will rebel in the world of money, fashion, business, beauty and security. How we view our own security can change directions. Uranus wants to be free from being tied down. We will find unique ways to create businesses, new trends with fashion, less conservative tastes, more color in homes and unique housing villages getting launched. This seven year phase will get the ball moving with intentional housing communities for the baby boomer generation. Good time to create your own trend and not follow others. Let your unique artistic style stand out. The energy we experience in a Uranian transit, can affect our bodies with lots of nervous energy, anxiety, insomnia and a feeling of being in a blender. Clearing out our inner clutter will open up new territories that have not been discovered before. It is important to ground yourself during these times with yoga, hikes and psychic protection techniques. POTION: MAGIC OR CREATIVITY

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn, the taskmaster is in the sign Capricorn until December 2020. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and is very comfortable here. Saturn loves structure, discipline and commitment. Capricorn loves accomplishing, respect, goals and status. This is a very good time to bring your goals into reality and work hard to accomplish. While Saturn was traveling through Sagittarius the past two and a half years, we were looking at possibilities and exploring. Now it’s time to do the dirty work. Capricorn is an earth sign and needs to move in small increments. Create a goal chart or any system that can track your success. Look in your chart to see what house Saturn is traveling through and this will show where you need to get it together. POTION: CLARITY

Jupiter in Sagittarius 

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck begins a year long journey through Sagittarius, the sign of travel, knowledge and humor. What a great combo- the ruler of Sagittarius in its own sign. This is a year to explore your options, travel to exotic countries, move to another country, learn a foreign language, get out of your comfort zone, start believing your own philosophy, grow, think bigger and open to new positive energy. Look where Jupiter is traveling in your chart and that will be the area that needs expanding, upgrading and growth. For example: Jupiter traveling through your 3rd house (good time to write a book), 4th house (good time to move, renovate or sell your home) and 10th house ( time for a promotion, career change, to make a debut).Jupiter in Sagittarius brings new perspectives, humor and optimism to the table.  Where would you like to travel? What would you like to learn? What long range goals can you commit to? This is an opportunity to broaden the vista, think big, take that risk and expect miracles. The portal is open to the magic unfolding in your life. Letting go of whatever has created conflict or disrupted your peace in the recent past.  Burning rituals are great for this. Write out whatever you want to let go of: person, job, problem, belief, etc. Throw it in the fire and burn away. You may also want to follow up with an intentional burn: what do you want to create this year? Lots of unexpected surprises are in store up ahead- believe in miracles! This year is the time to make the changes you have been putting off. Bringing out your lightness of being, sharing your creativity and love, upgrading your life to fulfill your purpose. We all deserve more and to be happy. This year is about opening our hearts to a deeper level! Community involvement, parties, social networks are enhanced. Needing to connect becomes a priority and letting go of isolation. Trusting your intuition, following the subtle whispers and welcoming the magic. Get ready for the unexpected!      POTION: PROSPERITY

Mercury in Virgo       September 1 - September 13

Mercury the messenger visits earthy, analytical Virgo. Mercury rules communication, writing, thinking, reading and speech. Virgo is a mutable, earth fire sign that is ruled by Mercury. This is a good time to go over documents, learn something new and pay attention to details. POTION:CLARITY

 Mercury in Libra     September 13 - October 2

Mercury the messenger visits airy, balanced Libra.  Mercury rules communication, writing, thinking, reading and speech. Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. Libra can be the judge always weighing the pros and cons in a given situation. This is a time to weigh your options, make decisions, hire a consultant, seek relationship counseling and communicate your ideas in a fair, balanced way. POTION:CLARITY

Venus in Virgo       August 20 - September 14

Venus the goddess of love visits earthy, discriminating Virgo.  Venus is the planet of love, values, attraction, money, creativity and sensuality. Virgo is an earth sign that craves quiet time, order, healthy food, to be in shape, cleanliness and simplicity.  During this month, the focus is on taking time for yourself, cleaning up your diet, getting rid of old clothes, planting a garden, exercising and evaluating what you want in a relationship. Good time to help others, clean out old projects and make your house beautiful.  POTION: LOVE

Venus in Libra       September 14 - October 8

Venus the goddess of love visits airy, loving Libra. Venus is the planet of love, values, attraction, money, creativity and sensuality. Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus. This is a good time to attract a new relationship, improve your appearance, decorate your house, entertain and seek out the romance.  Creativity blossoms, social life increases and the need to connect with others is paramount. POTION: LOVE

Mars in Virgo                  August 17 - October 3

Mars the planet of desire visits earthy, discriminating Virgo. Mars is about drive, energy, anger, men and action. Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury.  We now take the analytical, detailed energy and put it into action. Good time to outline a business proposal, build something, make crafts, organize your office or exercise! Virgo likes to keep busy and on the move. This is a Mercurial sign which can make them think too much. Getting out in nature alleviates some of the stress. 



Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury. The part of the body ruled by Virgo is the digestive system which can be sensitive. This sign loves to be of service to others and make the world a better place. They are discriminating, analytical, compassionate, spiritual, business oriented and detailed. They can always point out what is wrong in a situation and ways to improve it. They love order, cleanliness and the simple things in life. And don’t forget they need lots of space- this is the sign of the hermit!



Richard Gere, Sophia Loren, Beyonce, Evan Rachel Wood, Werner Ehrhard, Michael Jackson, Adam Sandler, Freddie Mercury, Pink, Amy Winehouse, Jennifer Hudson, Nick Jonas, Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz, Melissa McCarthy and Jada Pinkett Smith.