September Astrology Forecast

We just finished a very intense summer with Mars retrograde, Mercury retrograde, five outer planet retrogrades, three eclipses and major portal openings. A lot of the energies were felt internally as frustration, delays, anger and being triggered. It has been a time of major examination of who you are, where you live, what you do for a living and who you know. Are you in alignment for your highest good? I know many people who moved out of state in the last month. Sudden departures, new jobs, deeper relationships or endings, new bursts of creativity and a craving for a new adventure.  Looking at your life from a new perspective brings new opportunities and a renewal of magic. Have you experienced people from your past showing up? Whatever needs healing and completion will show up now. Clean the slate and get prepared for a brand new chapter. Good time to journal, be in nature, meditate, explore your creativity and think outside the box. For those self-employed, try a new angle with your business that brings joy and challenge. Get out of your comfort zone and be willing to experiment in areas that you have no experience. Saturn goes direct in Capricorn on September 6th after being retrograde since April 18th. Now is the time to move ahead with your goals and long range plans. Clarity returns with ease. This past five months have been a major test with patience on all levels. You may have experienced it with finances, business, contracts, relationships, getting results and moving forward.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn both want results. There is focus, tenacity and strong will power to take advantage of. We have done major excavations of our soul over the past year and there appears to be a lightness of being ready to emerge. Very productive and purposeful time. This is the year to be of service in a new way.  2018 numerologically is the 11 vibration which is a master number. Time to show up in a bigger way. Not a time to hide your talents or say someday i will do that. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn persevere  with sheer determination and tenacity. Procrastination is not part of the equation.  Pluto in Capricorn is the planet that cuts to the core and weeds out what is no longer needed. It is essential to pay attention to your inner divining rod!  Now is the time for reclaiming the magic in our lives and opening up to possibilities that seemed unlikely. The energies on the planet are intense and are teaching us to flow instead of forcing the river. Allowing and Accepting, will align us with Neptune (the divine). Time to break out of boxes that are so out of date and keeping you small. Time to bring your life into present time. The baggage needs to go. We are lightening our load and the vibrancy of the new reality cannot occur with denseness of the past. Listen to your soul and check in to see what your dreams are telling you. Many people are feeling a need to move, break out of relationships, change careers and live differently. Have you been feeling overwhelmed? Exhausted? Sensitive to energies? Join the club. Make sure you exercise and get out in nature. Grounding is especially crucial during this shake-up. Full Moon is September 24 in Aries and New Moon is September 9 in Virgo. Sun goes into Libra on September 22nd- Autumn Equinox.

URANUS in Taurus! Uranus is the planet of revolution, change, awakening,  sudden intuitive hits, and innovation. Uranus in Aries has spent the last seven years activating the world in warrior fashion. Chaos, upheaval, rebellion, protests have occurred to change the world. Now that Uranus is in Taurus, the way in which change takes place will be on a very different vibration. Taurus is one sign that does not like change. It wants comfort, security and money in the bank.  Uranus will rebel in the world of money, fashion, business, beauty and security. How we view our own security can change directions. Uranus wants to be free from being tied down. We will find unique ways to create businesses, new trends with fashion, less conservative tastes, more color in homes and unique housing villages getting launched. This seven year phase will get the ball moving with intentional housing communities for the baby boomer generation. Good time to create your own trend and not follow others. Let your unique artistic style stand out.     The energy we experience in a Uranian transit, can affect our bodies with lots of nervous energy, anxiety, insomnia and a feeling of being in a blender. Clearing out the inner clutter will open up new territories that have not been discovered before. It is important to ground yourself during these times with yoga, hikes and psychic protection techniques.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn, the taskmaster is in the sign Capricorn until December 2020. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and is very comfortable here. Saturn loves structure, discipline and commitment. Capricorn loves accomplishing, respect, goals and status. This is a very good time to bring your goals into reality and work hard to accomplish. While Saturn was traveling through Sagittarius the past two and half years, we were looking at possibilities and exploring. Now it’s time to do the dirty work. Capricorn is an earth sign and needs to move in small increments. Create a goal chart or any system that can track your success. Look in your chart to see what house Saturn is traveling through and this will show where you need to get it together.

Mercury in Leo                            July 1 - September 5th

Mercury the messenger visits fiery, expressive Leo.  During this time period, we want to express our ideas with passion and zeal. Looking for creative solutions in unexpected places may occur. Good time for writing, performing, selling, advertising, promoting a business and gaining recognition for our ideas. Be willing to be flexible during this highly fixed/stubborn time.

Mercury in Virgo                         September 5 - 21st

Mercury the messenger visits earthy, analytical Virgo. Mercury is at home in this sign and is extremely curious. Good time to do detail work, edit, take a class, organize your office and simplify your life. Declutter your files, find new ways to work with money and communicate in the most efficient way. Watch the worrying and overthinking! Virgo is a mutable sign and highly adaptable. The mind can stay so busy in this sign that it cannot relax. Take some time to get centered, meditate, soak in a tub or get a massage. Busyness is overrated!!!

Mercury in Libra                          September 21 - October 9th

Mercury the messenger visits refined, balanced Libra. This is a good time for mediation, consulting, comparing, deciding and weighing the pros/cons. Libra is an air sign that is ruled by Venus and will bring a friendly quality to your daily interactions. Libra wants peace, to be liked and for justice to pervade. You may decide to go for couples counseling to get a better understanding of your relationship dynamics. Gaining a balanced perspective will help in all your decisions.

Venus in Scorpio                         September 9 - January 2019

Venus the goddess of love visits passionate, intense Scorpio. The seductress prances around in her burgundy velvet gown waiting for her suitor. Good time to enhance your sex life! Make time for intimacy and connection. Scorpio wants depth, transformation, soul talk, passion and intensity. This is the sign of all or nothing, death/rebirth, yes/no, magic, psychology, creativity, intrigue and mystery. Venus is about love, attraction, values, creativity and money. During this time period, expressing your love intensely will be highlighted. Do you love your work? Are you connected in your partnership? Are you expressing your creativity? Major topics for this four month journey. I will talk about Venus going retrograde next month.

Mars in Aquarius                          May 15 - November 15

Mars the planet of desire visits airy, eccentric Aquarius. Mars will have an unusually long visit through Aquarius due to the retrograde happening at the end of June, which i will cover next month. Mars in Aquarius wants to rebel, protest and strike out into new territory. This is a very independent combo. Mars is your energy, drive, anger and men. Aquarius is an intellectual, unique, progressive, humanitarian sign. When these two join forces, you have innovation and electrical energy. Do something new! Go out into the community and meet new people. This is good for activist, progressive movements.

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Virgo is an mutable, earth sign ruled by Mercury. Virgos love to be busy mentally as well as physically. Their lesson is to learn limits and focus on self-care. They are the helpers of the zodiac and want to feel useful. In their jobs, they will be dutiful employees with meticulous organizational abilities. Virgos are also drawn to the health field such as: doctors, nurses, healers, nutritionists, massage therapists and bodyworkers. Any field that is detail-oriented such as:  Accountants, business owners, graphic artists or designers, will satisfy their soul.


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